lundi 28 avril 2008

Silver Berber bracelet1

The price is:35 Euro.

Silver Berber pendant2

The price is:52 Euro.

Silver Berber pendant2

Silver Berber pendant

The price is:35 Euro.

Silver Berber pendant "Tifinagh"

Tifinagh ( in Neo-Tifinagh, Tifinaɣ in Berber Latin alphabet, pronounced [tifinaɣ]) is an alphabetic script used by some Berbers to write their language. It is not in widespread use as a means of daily communication, but often serves to politically and symbolically assert a Berber identity.

The symbols carved on the Silver piece in the picture above are part of and old version of Tifinagh called"Libyco-Berber script".

The price is:42 Euro.

Silver berber pendant "filigrane" with agate

The price is:44 Euro.

Enameled silver berber pendant "Fatima's Hand"

Fatima's hand or khemessa is believed to protec the person who wears it from Evil eye.

The price is:37 Euro.

Silver berber pendant "filigrane" with onyx

Amazing silver Berber piece.

The price is:47 Euro.

vendredi 11 avril 2008

Amazing Berber carpet for sale

Berber piece for sale

This is another Berber handwoven carpet made by same craftsman.delicate work!!!

Berber Handwoven carpet for sale

This is a great Berber piece made by a local craftsman in my town.

Berber carpet for sale

jeudi 3 avril 2008

Metal sconce

This beautiful sconce is made from hammered and hand punched iron. Place it over a 25 or 40 Watt light bulb and watch it throw intricate shadows on the surrounding walls. It easily hangs over a pre placed and wired socket with bulb on the wall by only one screw positioned so that the sconce covers the bulb and allows the light to come out of the openings cut into the sconce. It Doesn’t come wired. This is perfect for interior decorating around your home. It also makes an exotic outdoor decorating piece at covered patios, covered entranceways. You could also decorate with it to create a warm friendly work atmosphere in your office. It will definitely add an exotic accent to your space. This sconce is an excellent decor item even if you don't use it with a bulb, just hang it as is. As an idea, think about getting some of our lamps to finish the decor.Quantity Available: 40

price:40 Euro.

Berber Ring

This beautiful sliver ring has inlayed stone called in Morocco shria ( shri-a). The ring has a nice design and fine engraved motifs. The stone on this ring is believed to protect against evil eye.

Price:48 Euro.

you can reach me out at this email:

Leather and coin purse

This unique and exotic purse is entirely handmade in Morocco from 100 percent genuine leather.The leather is hand processed then hand cut.A unqiue and exotic collection of assorted athentic coins is hand mounted on the purses.The old coins on each puse in unique and that makes the purse very special in addition to the central hand engraved medallion!This purse has one large poket and a small zippered poket located inside the main compartment.Another great thing about this purse is that you an adjust the shoulder strap.You can use this purse no matter what size you are,what your outfit is and what party you are attending!Yes it will surely sweet any of the mentioned.It is unique and a special treat!Color:brown.
Price:70 Euro.

Berber henna Lamp

Henna lamp made of goat skin....

These Henna lamps are made specialy to give warmth and ambiance to any place.

They are a unique ton with a tribal and ethnic designs that will make your place look different than any others.

Price:70 Euro.

mercredi 2 avril 2008

Leather pouff

This pouff is handmade from traditionally treated and processed leather. It could be stuffed and used as a seat, foot rest, and or decor item. It doesn't come stuffed for affordable and convenient shipping. Since our pouffs come with a zipper at the bottom side and open all the way across, you can easily stuff them with your choice of stuffing such as pillow filling, shredded foam or if you can handle the bean bag pellets, they are light and they also last very long, or other stuffing materials but not news paper as it is heavy and will collapse. Color: Tan with embossed and painted designs. Material: genuine leather.For décor idea, consider a Berber rug and some Berber pillows.
Quantity Available: 2
Price: 70.00 Euro.

Silver Berber necklace

Amazing Berber necklace made of pure silver by a master crafstman in the south,delicate work.

it has a unique beauty.

Price:50 Euro.

Medical slippers handmade by a master crafstman in Taroudant town

This is a pair of slippers made of goat skin,very comfortable and healthy,designed for people who suffer from reumatism and feet pain.

Price:80 Euro.

Horn and sterling cuff bracelet

Horn & sterling cuff bracelet
100% hand made in Morocco by Amazigh (Berber) Jeweler. This horn and sterling cuff bracelet has fine engraved motifs. Unique artwork.
Price: 55.00 Euro.