jeudi 3 avril 2008

Metal sconce

This beautiful sconce is made from hammered and hand punched iron. Place it over a 25 or 40 Watt light bulb and watch it throw intricate shadows on the surrounding walls. It easily hangs over a pre placed and wired socket with bulb on the wall by only one screw positioned so that the sconce covers the bulb and allows the light to come out of the openings cut into the sconce. It Doesn’t come wired. This is perfect for interior decorating around your home. It also makes an exotic outdoor decorating piece at covered patios, covered entranceways. You could also decorate with it to create a warm friendly work atmosphere in your office. It will definitely add an exotic accent to your space. This sconce is an excellent decor item even if you don't use it with a bulb, just hang it as is. As an idea, think about getting some of our lamps to finish the decor.Quantity Available: 40

price:40 Euro.

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